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Hot Product for your Cool Brand

Some friends have affectionately called this year, “the year of the Yeti”. We know you know what they are. You know your clients know what they are. Well here’s our CUSTOMIZABLE, promotional version: The Himalayan Stainless Steel Tumbler!

It includes “ Double Wall Construction For Insulation Of Hot Or Cold Liquids” and it has special spill‐proof technology for those upcoming tailgates, parties, and pool days where you don’t want to make a mess. You might also be outdoors and have your drink for a while ‐ this cup boasts that it can keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for six hours!

This is a perfect promotional gift for your clients, and it can be customized for your company in a variety of colors:

Cup options: silver, white, black, blue, green, orange, purple or teal.
Lid options: clear, blue, charcoal, lime green, or red.

Contact us for more details!

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Snag some Snacks for your next Promotional Product

What do people love to receive more than anything else? Free food. Trust me, I remember college.

Even though your clients probably aren’t in college, they’ll appreciate having these little snacks to keep in their purse, office drawer, or car, and when they’re hungry, they’ll grab it and see your company name!

For as low as 85 cents/unit, you can have a custom branded 5” bag filled with treats that will keep your clients satisfied!

Pick from 24 different treat options-from jellybeans to sunflower seeds to chocolate almonds- and design your bag. Order, and let your clients enjoy! (and maybe you can sneak some too!)


Countdown to Kickoff

Football season is almost here, and with that in mind, companies planning to give out football-themed promotional material at regular events or at tailgates need to be thinking about those products now! Check out what we have to offer below:

football coozie

What better to give your fans (and fans of football)  something everyone uses at tailgates already- a koozie! Football koozies are cute, fun, practical, and ring in at $4.25/unit.

mini football

A mini football stress ball is the perfect thing to squeeze during those nail-biting moments that occur in every good football game. For as low as 87 cents, your company can be that stress relief for any football fan!

schedule magnet

Show your company’s team spirit with a fully-customizable game schedule magnet You can use any team, whether it be pro, college, or high school, and add your company’s logo. Then, every time the recipient of this magnet checks to confirm a date or just passes their refrigerator, they’ll remember who gave this to them!

We are doing the same thing we’re IMG_0573 (1)advising you to do above! The schedule magnet to the right has the football schedule for the Wolfpack, Tar Heels, Pirates, Blue Devils, and the Carolina Panthers! We’re giving these away to anyone who requests them, so let us know if you want one!

Be sure to contact us soon about orders for football-themed materials! In case you were wondering, the start of ACC football season is less than 50 days away (not that we’re anxious for it or anything!)

Keepin’ It Cool

Perfect for runners, beach-goers, golf-players, and anyone who either wants to or has to spend time outdoors- the “Keep it Cool” towel will soak up sweat as well as refresh you with it’s “Keep It Cool” technology! This promotional product rings in at just $6.59 and will have your logo on the carrier and comes in a variety of colors. This is a great promotional product, and perfect for summer!


Not as Cool as a Leather Jacket, but Much More Professional

For as low as $6.75, you can share the leather love with your clients and potential clients!

In black or brown, these professional portfolios can be customized with your company logo printed or embossed on the cover. So, wherever a recipient uses this, others will see your company name! And, since it’s such a nice gift, they’ll think even more highly of you.


Pockets, pen-holder, and notepad inside. Let us know if you’d like to order!

Heat Up Your Marketing Efforts With Custom Printed Touch Screen Gloves

Custom Printed Touch Screen Gloves

**As Low As $2.55/each

The days of “numb finger” texting and emailing are over! These custom printed touch screen gloves are guaranteed to capture the attention of your audience.  The conductive fingertips provide universal touchscreen capability.

These gloves are available in black or grey, and custom printed with your full color logo on one of the gloves.  Unless otherwise requested the logo is printed on the right glove.

Let us know if you would like to see a sample or place an order.

Custom Printed Absorbent Stoneware Car Coaster

Tired of cleaning up the mess in your vehicles cup holders left behind from coffee and condensation? With custom printed absorbent stoneware car coasters, that problem is solved forever.

Car coasters are a unique, low cost, hot item that keeps your message in front of clients 365 days a year!!  Similar to key chains, clients will keep this item as long as they keep their vehicle.  When selecting promotional items it is critical to consider the perceived the value.  Buy promotional items that clients will keep and appreciate!! To accomplish this, it is not always necessary to break the bank, and custom printed car coasters are a perfect example.

**to see this item in person, send us a message and we will drop one in the mail.

Car Coaster

As Low As $1.28/each

Great Deals on Custom Printed Promotional Items

Why pay more when you can take advantage of great deals and get more bang for your marketing buck. Promotional items that marketers purchase on a regular basis are constantly going on sale.  Whether it is your favorite pen, notepad, or highlighter, if you purchase with future needs in mind, you can usually find a deal.  Below are just a couple of deals that we felt were worth bringing to your attention.

Custom Printed Bic Brite Liner Grip:

A top of the line highlighter that is professional and practical.

  • Price includes a 1 color barrel or cap imprint.
  • Available in blue, green, yellow, pink, and orange with matching ink color.
  • Includes gray textured grip.
  • FREE set Up

As Low As $0.95/each

Fully Customizable 4″ x 6″ Adhesive Notepads

This is a great deal.  Scratch pads of this size are every list makers dream.

  • 4 color process imprint
  • Available with ruled lines
  • Fully customizable
  • FREE set up

As low As $0.47/each


Back to School

Much to the dismay of students, but to the delight of parents; the return of school is right around the corner.  There are many promotional items that could be applicable in this arena i.e lunch boxes, pens, parking space tags, stickers, t-shirts etc..  But today we only want to focus on the one item that has been in existence forever and is a required from Kindergarten through a PhD.

Custom Printed No. 2 Pencils

This is the perfect pencil for students of all ages.  It is available in 15 different colors and includes an optional 2 color imprint. Making it easy to match any logo or slogan.  It has #2 graphite insert, the standard requirement for most scanned documents and test.  It also includes a high-density rubber eraser. The low cost cost and durable nature of this item makes it a must-have item for students.  I personally have not tested this theory, but the word is, it will dominate every pencil on the playground in “pencil break”.

As Low As $0.15/each

As Low As $0.15/each

Sports Schedule Magnets

As mentioned in our previous post, college football season is right around the corner with college basketball season trailing not too far behind.  One of the most effective tools we have seen for promoting your business along side your favorite sports teams are fully customizable sports schedule magnets.  You can include your company’s logo as well as the season schedule for your favorite team or teams.  If you live in the south you might want to include entire SEC football schedule or the ACC basketball schedule along with your company logo.

If you prefer pro sports to college sports that works as well.  Just request that they are customized with your favorite NFL team or teams.  If you live in the Pacific Northwest you could consider printing the schedule for the reigning Super Bowl Champs – Seattle Seahawks.

The real benefit is sports schedule magnets have a higher perceived value.  While someone may keep a magnet with your company’s information they are much more likely to keep that exact same magnet if it includes their favorite sports team schedule.

Popular Sizes for Sports Schedule Magnets:

We have magnets in many sizes to accommodate any need.  Below we have included a couple of our most popular options for sports schedule magnets.

1) 2″ W x 3 1/2″ H – Approximately the size of a Sports Schedule Magnetbusiness card. If you only want to include one teams schedule and your company information, this is a perfect fit.  They are low cost and fully customizable. As low as $0.16/each

2) 3 1/2″ W x 8″ H – This option allows you to include multiple team’s schedules.  This magnet can be printed either vertically or horizontally. As low as $0.39/each.