Monthly Archives: August 2015

Snag some Snacks for your next Promotional Product

What do people love to receive more than anything else? Free food. Trust me, I remember college.

Even though your clients probably aren’t in college, they’ll appreciate having these little snacks to keep in their purse, office drawer, or car, and when they’re hungry, they’ll grab it and see your company name!

For as low as 85 cents/unit, you can have a custom branded 5” bag filled with treats that will keep your clients satisfied!

Pick from 24 different treat options-from jellybeans to sunflower seeds to chocolate almonds- and design your bag. Order, and let your clients enjoy! (and maybe you can sneak some too!)


“Infuse” your Promotional Products with Coolness

Go on Instagram, and what will you see? People posting pictures of food and drinks. And what would make a better picture than a brightly-colored bottle and straw- with beautiful fruit in it? And oh yeah, that’s your logo on the side, so all the poster’s followers will see your company’s name.

For as low as $3.89/unit, you can keep your clients hydrated and looking cool with this 20 oz. Infusion Bottle with Straw, pictured here: 

So yeah, that coolness we mentioned? Literally- you’ll keep your clients cool and hydrated during these hot summer months; and figuratively, you’ll keep them looking cool on their Insta.