Monthly Archives: July 2015

Countdown to Kickoff

Football season is almost here, and with that in mind, companies planning to give out football-themed promotional material at regular events or at tailgates need to be thinking about those products now! Check out what we have to offer below:

football coozie

What better to give your fans (and fans of football)  something everyone uses at tailgates already- a koozie! Football koozies are cute, fun, practical, and ring in at $4.25/unit.

mini football

A mini football stress ball is the perfect thing to squeeze during those nail-biting moments that occur in every good football game. For as low as 87 cents, your company can be that stress relief for any football fan!

schedule magnet

Show your company’s team spirit with a fully-customizable game schedule magnet You can use any team, whether it be pro, college, or high school, and add your company’s logo. Then, every time the recipient of this magnet checks to confirm a date or just passes their refrigerator, they’ll remember who gave this to them!

We are doing the same thing we’re IMG_0573 (1)advising you to do above! The schedule magnet to the right has the football schedule for the Wolfpack, Tar Heels, Pirates, Blue Devils, and the Carolina Panthers! We’re giving these away to anyone who requests them, so let us know if you want one!

Be sure to contact us soon about orders for football-themed materials! In case you were wondering, the start of ACC football season is less than 50 days away (not that we’re anxious for it or anything!)

Keepin’ It Cool

Perfect for runners, beach-goers, golf-players, and anyone who either wants to or has to spend time outdoors- the “Keep it Cool” towel will soak up sweat as well as refresh you with it’s “Keep It Cool” technology! This promotional product rings in at just $6.59 and will have your logo on the carrier and comes in a variety of colors. This is a great promotional product, and perfect for summer!


Please the Crowds this Summer- for as low as $1.99!

Everyone loves going to the beach. But what’s the worst part about the beach? SAND. Wouldn’t you like to provide your customers with the ability to keep their refreshing drinks sand-free? And get your company’s name out there at the same time? If so, the Beach Nik is the promotional product for you!

beach nik

The Beach Nik is a cup with a cone that canned or bottled drinks can be placed in, and then the cone is pushed into the sand. You can also keep your phone, sunglasses, or anything one might need at the beach in it!

This is not a product that will get thrown out; this is a product that will get packed in a beach bag and used over and over. And when your customer or potential customer is soaking up the sun, enjoying the beach and their sand-free drink or phone, they’ll think of you warmly.